Starting from scratch - postpartum


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Hi all

I'm currently hitting my 6 months postpartum and am finally feeling like I have my body back to space I feel safe and strong enough to begin strength training again.

I'm starting with strength using the Push/Pull Legs workouts as my basis. I'm staggering between both the lower body and upper body workouts every other day, with rests as needed. I am not doing the full sets just yet and working with one six kilo dumbbell (my son is about 7 now).

I'm not ready mentally to commit to any challenges and really just want to focus on building what strength I've lost the last year.

So basic large muscle group focus while slowly adding reps and weight over time until I'm ready to up the challenge (mentally and physically). I'm also doing some inner core work and trying to work on mobility. Really starting from a foundational space here.

Wish me luck.

Hopefully I can commit to posting regularly.