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Sunny Alex

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Been following this site for quite a while and I think it's time to contribute and be present. Starting today I'll make *this* my little corner of posting my wellness and fitness journey (which may or may not help me be more consistent and not let everyday life indulge me in its malaise.

Yesterday was a full-on kickstart since I haven't exercised for a while.

  • Started with a Basic Quick Warmup
  • Did the Bender Bo Staff Workout for furthermore warmup and to wake up my muscles (and I've been aching to do something battle related). I quite enjoyed it and worked up a good sweat. At the start I did feel I was putting more work on my wrists than needed so in the sense of less is more and feel the flow, I did the movements very slowly and found the proper movement on my wrists, then my forearms, and then my hips and whole body. In no time I was more stable and a whole lotta faster.
  • Dumbbell workout: in a combination of workouts and going with the flow I did bicep curls, shoulder presses, shrugs, bent-over rows, lateral raises, side bends, and some more.
  • At some point the ending episode of a series I watch was playing so in order to not lose it, and keep the flow going I used the treadmill I have in the living room and did frontward and backward walking-pushing on it while it was off (like Conan-Arnold in the starting TURN THE WHEEL scene) really fires up your core and legs, and then I got on my knees in front of it and did push and pull motions. Lemme tell ya, that got my back going way more than bent over rows.
  • After the episode finally concluded I continued with two more dumbbell exercises, some chest flys, and chest presses and deadlifts.
  • After that took a small breather and did some legs. the treadmill had that covered quite a bit I did some side bends and inward presses to really get the sides of my hips.
  • then a small workout for the core, I did the first day of the total abs program. quite good, quite good, did some bridges with a dumbbell as well.
  • then to chill down, I followed the free ebooks that Movement By David has given out and then the Top to Bottom stretch sheet.

1. The dumbbells Used were 5 kg and 7.5 kg
2. Sets were 3x10-15 or until fatigue
3. Yup a bit of overkill but I didn't feel bad sore
  • It sounds a lot and quite frankly it was. when I was done I realized all of this took me Three hours. But today besides the morning soreness I feel more alive and more basically, not stiff.


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"No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. -Socrates"
Wishing you strength and resolve for your journey :nod:


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Happy New Year

Sunny Alex

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Log in after the First day of 2023 ended:


Tonight I'll post in general about what's been happening since my first post in this training log. After that initial really good workout, work caught up to me and I couldn't find the strength to do sets. What I did though was greasing the groove (getting a dumbbell and doing some reps with it in various ways, and also doing stretches after work to try and keep my body from becoming a statue. I either did the Top to Bottom stretch routine or did the Movement by David stretch workouts, also grabbed the Power Up program so It was kinda enough to keep my lower back intact since my work is 5-day 8-hour tech support, so a lot of sitting on my ass.

Finally, I get a vacation to enjoy New years. On December 28th I go to buy new dumbbell plates to push myself and didn't account for the fact that I had no bike, or car to get them back to my house. So I took four 5 kg plates, put two and two each in a bag, and what was a usual chill walk turned into a farmer's walk exercise of 1.5 km with stops. Didn't do any more exercise that day, I took a shake, then ate and let my body rest and recoup.

December 29th: After enjoying doing some reps with my new dumbells to check if that push I yearned for was there, and making a DIY bar to do deadlifts and chest presses with I decided to start a program to get disciplined. Decided to start Ironborn, a really good program to start with. Inevitably, my body was indeed stiff so a simple warmup wouldn't do. I remembered the slow warm-ups we did at the theatre and closed my eyes, put on my earplugs, and let my body stop *clicking* and wake up with simple, instinctual primal movements. after about one hour I was ready, and did Day 1 and Day 2 of Ironborn, then did Top to Bottom.

Next days I let my body rest or did some core or mobility exercises to have active rest. On January 1st I picked up after a proper warmup, Day 3 and Day 4 of Ironborn, and then again the Top to Bottom. I haven't exercised regularly for a long time because of my work so it feels really good to have some discipline again! I plan to have a nice active rest with some stretching tomorrow and mobility sets targeted mostly at my upper body Before starting work at 14:00. Overall, the new year started wonderfully!

Sunny Alex

Rogue from Athens Greece
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Good Morning!

Today I'll log in yesterday's 2/1/23 actions. Also, I noticed some people put more effort into links and I think that helps whoever sees training log posts if they are interested to follow the same route. so I'll be doing that as well!

Firstly I 10 of the 40 Cossack Squats and Day 1 of The Guardian Challenge in the morning to wake up, before work.

8 hours at least later, to un-stiffen my body I did Power Up Day 8 and Day 11, then the rest 30 Squats and Day 2 of The Guardian Challenge, followed by these stretches, in no particular order, and then finished my night session:

Wall angels 1x20
Assisted pancake stretch 1x30s
Yoga Spinal Twist 1x30s on each side
Figure four 1x30s on each side
Hip flexor Runners Lunge 1x30s
Standing Side Reach 1x30s on each side
90/90 Hip Switch 1x30
Cat stretch 1x60s
Cow stretch 1x60s
Cat-Cow 1x20
Doorframe chest stretch 1x30s
Shoulder dislocations 2x20
Box Lat Stretch 1x30s
Box Shoulder Stretch 1x30s