A rising tide lifts all boats

Grace Ward

Warrior from Lake Cities, Texas
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"I live to SWEAT! Growing stronger, faster, better, everyday!"

I have been in fitness for over 40 years. A trainer back in the day when Aerobics became more popular than Calisthenics. Although the corporate world pulled away from my gym career, I never strayed far. Always working out, but my passion became running.
It was 30 years ago, while running on a dirt trail in my town that I vowed to find a way to bring the running community together. To connect those who cross paths on the many trails in the area where I live and maybe even beyond. I committed to building that community when I retired. That was well before the internet. Yet, I waited, one day I would retire and I would put everything in place.

Then the Pandemic hit and in 2020 I took an early retirement package from my company of 20+ years and retired. YAY! I was able to build out the platform for our area running community. We quickly grew and that group is a success with thousands of members.
Then about 6 months ago, a voice in my head said "That's great, but what about everyone else - remember, you said a rising tide lift ALL boats - what about the people at the gym, or the swimmers, cyclists, etc?". That voice was right, I needed a second platform for EVERYONE, all sports and activities - a sister page to the running page.
However, it all had to stay FREE because the foundation of all my efforts has and will always be - Fitness should be accessible and free for all.
So, in June this year, I created a new platform for ALL activities and sports, the sister group to the running group.

My goal is not to promote the other platforms, but to share my journey and how I found Darebee. So here is that connection.

To have a platform is fun, but what will they do? Just post? That's not going to help people find health and fitness.
I offer a lot of free challenges/contests on the running group platform, so why not do the same on the sister page?
I started with a commitment challenge, could the new members commit to themselves to do 6 things each day for a period of time? I would have to do it as well - can't ask them to do it if I can't do it. BAM! I lost 20+ pounds, I took a few minutes off my race pace and was getting on the podium at races! All in just 3 months. But what next?

Okay, 2024 is coming up. I started searching and found Darebee!


A perfect match. I can encourage the members to come here.
To learn from everyone here, to get healthier and more fit by doing the workouts on this platform. We can connect and enjoy growing the fitness community.
There are thousands of people in the two platforms I manage and they all NEED to see this amazing resource that is Darebee.

I also want to thank everyone at Darbee and all the members for being so welcoming and kind.

You really are so generous, supportive and I am so happy to have found you.

Thank you for taking time to read about my journey, excited to be here with you all,
I am READY to do the December Challenge!
Let's do this!