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You and me both @jaket . I haven't even tried looking for my old logs. They'd probably only make me cry anyway.
Ya. But I liked seeing what I started with and what I was doing 4 years later. Crazy. I'm literally back to square one!! My advice to anyone is keep going. Even it's a little. Oh well but now I'll be a healthy 60 year old in 4 years! HAHA


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New post, who dis?
I see I have missed quite a bit.
New site looks great. I still have to read all the new bits. Looking forward to checking it all out.
I don't think I'll be able to get my old stuff back - old hive site says it's offline - but that's okay.
New beginnings and new chapters, right?

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I didn't realise the old hive was already offline - does that mean our old threads are no longer available, or are we able to access an archive somewhere?
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