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Day 16: Thursday, 16 March 2023

Unbound - Day 16/30
Total Abs - Day 16/30 (level III)
Bootcamp - Day 16/60 (level III)

I expected a harder workout today, and it was lower back (Total Abs) and recovery day (Bootcamp).

I wanted to do more, but I had to do my washing (bed sheets and the larger things too), since it was 34C and a cold front is on its way. Its a long weekend too - since tomorrow I won't have anything to do, then its the weekend, Monday some political stuff is happening so we were told not to leave the house in case there is a violent protest (well, it won't happen in my neighbourhood, very unlikely, but I have no business to leave the house on Monday anyway!) and Tuesday is the public holiday and then its also the start of the school holidays if I am not mistaken. So basically I should keep myself busy with exercises!!! Maybe add some Yoga, and other new workouts I have seen.

I woke up with a slight pain in my right leg (almost not worth mentioning). Could be the Sciatica nerve. I did some additional exercises when I woke up, and it never bothered me again. It could be related to the strange weather. Last night was super hot, and we had a power failure at 20 - 22 pm. As I sat outside, there was lightening (not nearby) in-land and over the ocean. I could feel the air changing a bit, but then it was hot again today. I expect this evening to be the same. We had a power failure today from noon to 14 pm. I basically did EVERYTHING before the power failure. I made today "my Friday" - so like I mentioned, the washing, then some dusting, vaccuuming, boiled some potatoes for tonight ... so I have very little to do now. No more power failures today.

Sorry if my thoughts isn't in order in this post. It is REALLY hot ... and I am probably a little absent-minded. I am fluent in Gibberish today!!


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Day 17: Friday, 17March 2023

Unbound - Day 17/30
Total Abs - Day 17/30 (level III)
Bootcamp - Day 17/60 (level III)
Queen of Mean - (level III) 5kg dumbbells.

I had a good day. I had the whole day to myself. I was home alone. I got up at 8am. I started with Unbound, Hestia and Harmony. Had some strong black coffee and a banana. At 10am there was 1 power failure for the whole day, so then I did Total Abs and Queen of Mean. And about noon I did Bootcamp with 50 burpees. All went well, no issues. I felt good. It was lovely weather. Light rain (almost nothing) in the early morning but less than 24C. I could still wear shorts, it wasn't that cool. Just a perfect day for me. The cold front is still on its way to my city.

Today, I crave chocolate milkshake or just a chocolate drink! I do have cacao powder ... so I can probably make something.
Its a long weekend for me....


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Day 18: Saturday, 18March 2023

Unbound - Day 18/30
Total Abs - Day 18/30 (level III)
Bootcamp - Day 18/60 (level III) - 5kg dumbbells

Day 19: Sunday, 19March 2023

Unbound - Day 19/30
Total Abs - Day 19/30 (level III)
Bootcamp - Day 19/60 (level III)

I haven't had any issues with my workouts. The weather is cooler, but no rain ... will only start near midnight tonight, and the whole day tomorrow. (slight disappointment when the rain keeps getting less and less, and eventually there is no rain falling). I enjoyd Bootcamp yesteday, because it was with weights. Renegade Rows, Chest Presses, and Alternating Bicep Curls ... I like those. I did additional walking both days, but at a slower pace. More for fun and to keep moving rather than for exercise. I walked for about 50 minutes yesterday uphill and downhill. And today just over an hour, but more straight. This weekend is very uneventful, but it is nice to just calm down again.

It is strange, the less I do, the more tired I feel!!!


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Day 20: Monday, 20 March 2023

Unbound - Day 20/30
Total Abs - Day 20/30 (level III)
Bootcamp - Day 20/60 (level III)

Day 21: Tuesday, 21 March 2023

Unbound - Day 21/30
Total Abs - Day 21/30 (level III)
Bootcamp - Day 21/60 (level III)
additional walking (aprox. 50 minutes)

Day 22: Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Unbound - Day 22/30
Total Abs - Day 22/30 (level III)
Bootcamp - Day 22/60 (level III) - 5kg dumbbells

I struggled the most with my workout on Tuesday - maybe because it was a public holiday and my head was on "relax" mood. And I enjoyed Wednesday's workout the most. I felt somewhat sore and stiff this morning. My right foot on the outside felt a little sore too. This morning I finished early.

I am tempted to write 100 pages of complains and frustrations today. Just letting out how I feel. On the other hand ... its not all that bad. I should focus on the positives, and not on the negatives.


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Day 23: Thursday, 23 March 2023

Unbound - Day 23/30
Total Abs - Day 23/30 (level III)
Bootcamp - Day 23/60 (level III)

Today was ... mediocre. Had to go out after 10am. So did my exercises quite late in the afternoon. It took a lot to start my exercises today. After removing my makeup and getting into workout clothes, I really felt like I didn't want to exercise. I felt lazy and sleepy. Finally, I did manage to start. It was a HUGE mental fight with myself. I don't know where I got the motivation from to actually start!!! I surprised myself. It was just an abundance of planks for Total Abs & Bootcamp. I was okay with the planks. It wasn't a very memorable day. I feel relieved that this day is nearly over! I can finally go to bed!!



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Day 24: Friday, 24 March 2023

Unbound - Day 24/30
Total Abs - Day 24/30 (level III)
Bootcamp - Day 24/60 (level III)

Day 25: Saturday, 25 March 2023

Unbound - Day 25/30
Total Abs - Day 25/30
Bootcamp - Day 25/60 (level III)

My workout was quite pleasant yesterday. I found Bootcamp satisfying since it was rest and recovery day.

Today was good too. It is raining - some decent rainfall. The weather made the workout easier since it was nice and cool. Total Abs was only 2 minutes today. Bootcamp was longer with jumping jacks, high knees, squats, jumping lunges and calf raises. I might do some additional Yoga later.

I want to incorporate a jump rope routine, or box exercises, or something similar next month.


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Day 26: Sunday, 26 March 2023

Unbound - Day 26/30
Total Abs - Day 26/30 (level III)
Bootcamp - Day 26/60 (level III) 5kg dumbbells

Day 27: Monday, 27 March 2023

Unbound - Day 27/30
Total Abs - Day 27/30 (level III)
Bootcamp - Day 27/60 (level III)

Both days was fine. I didn't have any issues with my workouts. I enjoyed Bootcamp the most on Sunday. I have to admit I felt a little lazy yesterday and today, so it was a struggle to get into the right mood to start. I am so close to getting the Unbound badge - that was my motivation, and well, then Bootcamp would be halfway.

I saw the BIGGEST "worm" EVER ... discovered it was the Death Head Hawk Moth .... it is supposed to be a bad omen, but I was super happy finding one. Never seen the catterpillar before. Unfortunately I didn't take good photos, because it was the one insect I didn't want to touch!! The size was too intimidating for me. I doubt its fully grown. It looked squishy like a jelly/gummy sweet.


It turns into this: That skull behind its head... pretty cool catterpillar turn into a scary moth. Haha I hate to see the size of this moth ... but I think I have seen these moths before. Just not had a close encounter with one.


I guess we know the texture of the catterpillar .... They didn't exaggerate much with the size. Death gummy.... yum.


Ps. Since the catterpillar was HUGE ... I couldn't step on it. Too much back splash! (Since I have a fear of snails, I rarely step on anything!!!! Childhood phobia) I let it climb on a stick, and gently put it on my neighbours side of the fence. If it does come back ... well, then it was its fate. Freedom.


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Day 28: Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Unbound - Day 28/30
Total Abs - Day 28/30 (level III)
Bootcamp - Day 28/60 (level III)

Day 29: Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Unbound - Day 29/30
Total Abs - Day 29/30 (level III)
Bootcamp - Day 29/60 (level III)
Additional walking: 45 minutes

I enjoyed the workout this morning .... probably because it is very close to the end of the month. Since yesterday, I felt like I might be on the verge of getting a cold or flu. Luckily, I feel better this morning.

My theory of the squirrel coming every 5th day seems quite accurate. She was here this morning. She was quite in a hurry, so I didn't play with her. Its okay that she comes into the house, because we will be get new floors next year (after the road behind the house is done - still too much dust ). Oh.... and she doesn't take "small broken pieces of nuts" I leave on the ground. I have to hold these small pieces in my hands for her, otherwise she doesn't take it. It has to be whole nuts! What a diva!

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Not the best photos .... she is too fast to take a decent photo. She climbed on me several times. (That is my garden clothes, I apologize.... LOL)

She came back at lunch time (after my previous post), and at 17:15 PM. 3 visits in 1 day!!!

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Day 30: Thursday, 30 March 2023

Unbound - Day 30/30
Total Abs - Day 30/30 (level III)
Bootcamp - Day 30/60 (level III) - 5kg

Unbound (I have finished Total Abs before....)

Sorry, yesterday's post merged the 2 days, a whole paragraph was missing which I typed. I didn't noticed it.

I added yesterday:
I really enjoyed Unbound. I used it as a warm-up since it was just a nice way to start the day, and I liked it more than Yoga. Yoga, I prefer to do in the evening. Stretches in the morning, Yoga in the evening. I haven't experienced stiffness so much lately, but I like stretching. It just helps my body a little. Just enough to feel good.

Well, I decided to do: (for April)
  • Unbound - repeat
  • Bootcamp - second half (of course I will do day 31 tomorrow, so Day 32 - 60 in April)
  • 60 Days of Walking (Day 1 - 30)
  • I might include the 30 Days of Yoga in the evenings - repeat.
For May:
  • Unbound - probably again!
  • 60 Days of Walking (Day 31 - 60)
  • More of Yoga - repeat, in the evening
  • PPL
So far this seems reasonable. I think because 60 Days of Walking is around 45 - 90 minuted long daily, I might not include Code of Abs. My idea is:

June - eXpress Tone & Shadebound
July - Code of Abs & Power HIIT
August - Core Strength & The Gauntlet
September - High Gear (& maybe an add-on)
October - Power Cardio
November - Military Fit+ (yes... PLUS version!!!!)
This is my thoughts on how the year should go. I don't know what I will do if more great programs is released this year!!!! :muahaha:
Also, I didn't include the Olympian program this year .... which is sad, since I wanted to add it too.


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Day 31: Friday, 31 March 2023

Unbound - random Day 5 (to make up the 31st day - there was no particular reason for picking this day)
Bootcamp - Day 31/60 (level III)

Thank you @Fremen

Today was only Bootcamp Day 31. I will actually begin 60 Days of Walking on the 2nd, so that my 90 minutes of walking fall on a Saturday, and my 60 minutes walks falls on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. So tomorrow I will (unofficially) start with 90 minutes walking - like a "Day 0". And end the program on 31 May. It will work out perfect.

Anyway.... Bootcamp is still a great program for me. And I love Unbound. I didn't bother to do any other exercises. I will restart Unbound again tomorrow.

I made some homemade pizza. I got a new oven - so I wanted to test out how it bake. I decided to make something more unhealthy since it was month end, a Friday, and I think one cheat day is fine. I miss chocolate and red wine. But I don't have any at home!

Health wise I feel good. I was worried I might be getting a cold, but I just felt a little off for 24 hours, and it was over.

Now I wait for a scheduled power failure. Sigh.


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Day 1: Saturday, 1 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 1/30
Bootcamp - Day 32/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 0/60 *unofficial start - 90 mins walking
Yoga (repeat) - Day 1/30

Day 2: Sunday, 2 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 2/30
Bootcamp - Day 33/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 1/60 - 60 mins walking
Yoga (repeat) - Day 2/30

Day 3: Monday, 3 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 3/30
Bootcamp - Day 34/60 - 5kg dumbbells
60 Days of Walking - Day 2/60 - 45 mins walking
Yoga (repeat) - Day 3/30

I've had no issues with my programs up to this point. I started Saturday with 90 minutes walking (it wasn't part of the program so I put it up as Day zero).

I felt a little tired since yesterday, but it was okay. I did my Yoga in the evenings, except for today. Bootcamp and Unbound I do early morning. Then I do the walking a little later. I finished early today, because we had 2 and a half hours without electricity from 10 am. Bootcamp was harder today. Maybe because my strength wasn't at its peak. I did my walking outside on Saturday, but on a machine yesterday and today.


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Day 4: Tuesday, 4 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 4/30
Bootcamp - Day 35/60 - 5kg dumbbells
60 Days of Walking - Day 3/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 4/30

Day 5: Wednesday, 5 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 5/30
Bootcamp - Day 36/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 4/60 - 60 mins walking
Yoga (repeat) - Day 5/30

Day 6: Thursday, 6 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 6/30
Bootcamp - Day 37/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 5/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 6/30

Day 7: Friday, 7 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 7/30
Bootcamp - Day 38/60 - 5kg dumbbells
60 Days of Walking - Day 6/60 - 60 mins walking
Yoga (repeat) - Day 7/30

I posted so long ago .... the power failures was in abundance this week.

Well, this week went okay so far. We had 2 hot days, (Wednesday and Thursday) and today is cooler, and it might rain soon. So, I did my exercises early today - I woke up at 3am and couldn't sleep again. Got up just after 5am. I decided to do my walking outside this week. I see many people walking, especially with larger dogs in our neighbourhood. I miss having pets.

I haven't had difficulties with Bootcamp nor 60 Days of Walking. No blisters, yet!


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Day 8: Saturday, 8 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 8/30
Bootcamp - Day 39/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 7/60 - 90 mins walking
Yoga (repeat) - Day 8/30

I am starting to find it difficult to keep up with the days I am supposed to be doing.

It was quite cool today. I did warm up when I walked outside, but there was times, I realized I can't wear short sleeves anymore. It is getting too cold this side. I love the cooler weather, but I didn't expect the cold wind today.

The squirrel ran passed me twice today. I feel betrayed ... all those almonds and walnuts, and she ignores me. Gmfffh....

The exercises felt harder to do today. I find it hard to keep continueing to exercise daily. Not because I hate it. I think it is a vitamin deficiency again. My body isn't at its peak. My motivation is at a low. My anxiety levels is through the roof. I keep having minor PTSD at night. I don't get enough sleep. And when I do fall sleep, I get horrible nightmares. I know this will pass. I am not worried about this. But I do feel disappointed in myself. My body and my mind is asynchronous with each other. I feel like a hamster. (I don't know how to explain this!)

cabin fever hamster GIF

I hope I get enough sleep, and good sleep without any disturbances tonight. Tomorrow will be a better day. And I think I will walk indoors on a machine tomorrow.


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:hug: :vibes:
When I'm anxious and don't sleep well, everything is so much harder and I don't feel like anything except being tired all day and then at night I'm fully awake, my brain bombing me with the most horrible thoughts it can make at the moment... And the cycle is on and while I'm in it it seems like I cannot escape from this. A real hamster in its wheel indeed...
So lots of :love:be kind to yourself if you can, lack of sleep turns us in someone else...
And also:onfire: for squirrel not acknowledging you... These little cuties have no manners 😂


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Thank you @Tileenah ...I hope that squirrel NEVER find the nuts she burried! :hehehe:

Thank you @TortoiseVibe (here is something for you, below)


Day 9: Sunday, 9 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 9/30
Bootcamp - Day 40/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 8/60 - 60 mins walking
Yoga (repeat) - Day 9/30

Day 10: Monday, 10 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 10/30
Bootcamp - Day 41/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 9/60 - 45 mins walking
Yoga (repeat) - Day 10/30

This morning I woke up early again. It was a little warmer than yesterday morning, but I slept like a rock this time. I even slept through hard rain apparently! (And I didn't take anything to make me sleep ... this was all natural!) I was surprised. I felt good this morning. Yesterday was alright exercise wise. Meditation and walking (on a machine). But this morning I struggled with Bootcamp, slightly ... or a little more than I would like to admit. Like I ran out of steam. Climbers, High Knees, Split Jacks, Jumping Lunges and Hops on the spot. They felt brutal! I did it on Level 3 so they were 100 of each, except the Jumping Lunges was 50 in total ... it felt ... like I was going to faint at some point. But afterwards, I was happy I finished it. I think the reason was: I decided to walk outside - and I walked very fast, uphill, downhill, it was quite a walk (nearly a jog! I was cold!!). I didn't rest beween coming back home, and starting Bootcamp. Rest is important between 2 programs. Yet, I ignored something important which I knew!

I might have a last "lazy" day. From tomorrow I have to pull myself together and focus on important things. I think I have had the blues for long enough.


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Day 11 - 14: Tuesday to Friday, 11 - 14 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 11-14/30
Bootcamp - Day 42-45/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 10 - 13/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 11-14/30

These dreaded power failures is back in abundance. Yesterday was an extra long power failure ... there was 3 actually. At least I have no excuse not to walk ... there is always a power failure, and always time to walk (between 2 to 4 hours to kill per power failure). So .... well, that is a positive for sure.

Wednesday was the hardest day of this week exercise wise (Bootcamp). I did my house cleaning, large washing (bedsheets and so on), cooking, everything yesterday, I worked extra hard and into the night to finish everything I wanted to do ... so today I just took a break - sat in a sunny place inside the house, and read a book. My family wasn't home for most of the day, so it was a very quiet day.

There is an abundance of tiny frogs in our garden. They are loud, but not annoying every evening. I love this time of year to hear them.


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Day 15: Saturday, 15 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 15/30
Bootcamp - Day 46/60 - 5kg dumbbells
60 Days of Walking - Day 14/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 15/30

Day 16: Sunday, 16 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 16/30
Bootcamp - Day 47/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 15/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 16/30

Day 17: Monday, 17 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 17/30
Bootcamp - Day 48/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 16/60 (Pt. 1 = 45 mins walking. Pt.2 = level III)
Yoga (repeat) - Day 17/30

I done some painting outside on Saturday - a brick house wall, that I painted the same colour as the rest of the house. I only done one section to see how it looks. It immediately made the house seem more modern! I wish I did this years ago! I had a little upper back and shoulder pain ... but it wasn't too bad. I still did my walking and Bootcamp with weights ... so it was a serious workout for the day! The weights felt heavier than usual, but I am sure it was because my arms was tired from the painting. Brick walls is no fun to paint.

Luckily Sunday and today was okay. There was very long power failures, so I took my time finishing my exercises. I didn't rush them this weekend. As if I had all the patience in the world.


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Day 18: Tuesday, 18 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 18/30
Bootcamp - Day 49/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 17/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 18/30

Day 19: Wednesday, 19April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 19/30
Bootcamp - Day 50/60 - 5kg
60 Days of Walking - Day 18/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 19/30

I did my exercise early on both days. I woke up early because the past 2 days the power failures started 8am, so I need to make sure I have everything done which needs electricity before the power shuts off. Hot water (for coffee, and extra in a flask in case of an emergency), maybe vaccuum if needed, charge my cellphone, mini WIFI router, and all other gadgets including my laptop. Have to check my emails and print out whatever I need for 2 - 4 hours. Maybe wash and dry my hair. And the list goes on........................ I lately just eat a breakfast which need nothing to heat up (like toast or hot milk) - I rather eat a fruit especially a banana or a hard boiled egg (which I usually cook the day before). It is just more convenient.

I did my walking outside while the electricity was down. And I also did my other exercises during that time. The weather has been perfect today. It will cool down again, with plenty of rain the rest of the week.

My feet felt tired since yesterday. So, I gave myself a foot pampering earlier.


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Day 20: Thursday, 20 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 20/30
Bootcamp - Day 51/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 19/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 20/30

Day 21: Friday, 21 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 21/30
Bootcamp - Day 52/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 20/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 21/30

Day 22: Saturday, 22 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 22/30
Bootcamp - Day 53/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 21/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 22/30

Day 23: Sunday, 23 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 23/30
Bootcamp - Day 54/60 - 5kg
60 Days of Walking - Day 22/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 23/30

The week was alright. Since I do the all (or the most) of my exercises during a power failure, its been rather productive. There isn't much to say about Unbound, Yoga and 60 Days of Walking. Bootcamp, still give me a decent workout. I personally would have preffered a 30-Day program, but I do find these 60-Day programs to be fine. Since I haven't given up .... not yet!!! I find 60 Days of Walking harder to commit to than Bootcamp. Maybe it is the "length" of walking ... especially on weekdays I feel more lazy to commit to only walking. I can't walk outdoors much, since it is too cold, or like today its raining the whole day. I had to walk on a machine. The one positive is - I can watch a movie while I walk on a machine (or listen to music) - but I still prefer focussing on my workout. Lately, I prefer shorter but more viguous workouts. Maybe 20 minutes or so. So 60 and 90 minutes walks, with the additional exercises is really a lot in one day.

After I finished 60 Days of Walking, I think I will prefer going for shorter, more intense programs. 30 Days programs also. (Although I REALLY want to redo Hero's Journey of 60 Days in the future too).

On Friday, I got up close and personal with an eagle at home!!! I saw a black bird chasing a dove. Then the bird sat down in front of my sliding door. At first I thought it was a Pied Crow. It was the same size (maybe around 50cm high), but it was pitch black. More "puffed up" and as the bird looked back over its shoulder, and right into my face - I saw the yellow and brown eyes/beak. Definitely a Verreaux Eagle. I know we have had a breeding pair on the other side of my city (in the Southern Suburbs maybe 35km away, while I am on the Northern Suburbs near the farm areas). Could be their offspring. I didn't see any distinctive patterns or other colours (or even its feet, since it had its back towards me) ... it was just a big black bird glaring at me! I have tortoises .... so I don't like having an eagle or any other large bird this size in the garden. I felt rather upset seeing this bird, as majestic and beautiful as it was. The Pied Crows (about 7 of them) chased it away later ... but I have seen this big black eagle on our telephone pole last year. It is not the first time its been nearby. This was the closest I've seen it. 2 weeks ago there was 3 black birds in our trees in the back of the garden. I saw it was "hawks, not crows" but now I know it is eagles. God, have mercy on our tortoises!!!! I had to remove 3 dead doves from the garden yesterday. Seems he just hunts for fun, not for food. Might be a younger bird. I'm not sure. When I saw the 3 large birds in the trees, 2 was smaller than the 3rd one. I suspect the 3rd one was older, maybe over 70cm in size) .... but I might be wrong with its size. It is so briefly I saw these birds. Scary stuff.


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Day 24: Monday, 24 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 24/30
Bootcamp - Day 55/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 23/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 24/30

It has been raining a lot yesterday, nearly non-stop. This morning it cleared up. The frogs love this. It was so wet outside, that I decided to do my exercises indoors again.

I had to do some Sciatica exercises and a decent leg warm up this morning - Unbound was also good to do (#4, 5 and 6 was great). I mostly still use an older Hasfit video on Youtube for the pain - which I very seldom now get ... but it was due to an old injury when I bumped my knee very hard against a wall (freak accident when I went to sit down by a sliding door to feed tame Guinea Fowls, and hit my right knee against the wall as I sat down ... very stupid, and awkward injury! LOL) I had this pain more often before, only my right leg, I would suddenly get a sharp pain from my knee going into my buttocks on the right side only. It feels less "severe" than before. The pain has also become less frequent. We have a very cold week - and I assume the cold weather triggered it. Its not so bad, but I do love doing extra leg "warmup" or exercises that helps for quick relief. I can only explain the pain as: I literally get a quick pain in the butt!!!!

I found the exercises a little harder today, maybe it was due to my leg that wasn't perfect today. I also felt a little bit more stiff, and out of breath. I didn't really feel sick or anything, but it was as if my body didn't want to do what I wanted it to do. So I just did my exercises on a slower pace today. Which was fine.

There was a dead dove in the garden yesterday (probably the eagle that killed it again). It was 100% dead. Neck looked broken. This morning I saw it was gone, and there was a few Pied crows in the area. I assume they cleaned up. Less corpse removal for me! At least these crows are way cooler than the eagle.
crow GIF
Golden Eagle Bird GIF


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Day 25: Tuesday, 25 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 25/30
Bootcamp - Day 56/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 24/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 25/30

Day 26: Wednesday, 26 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 26/30
Bootcamp - Day 57/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 25/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 26/30

Day 27: Thursday, 27 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 27/30
Bootcamp - Day 58/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 26/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 27/30

Day 28: Friday, 28 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 28/30
Bootcamp - Day 59/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 27/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 28/30

I had no issues the rest of the week. Everything went fine. This morning, Bootcamp was the hardest - for some reason I struggled slightly with the planks, to hold it at set 4 and 5. I did do my walking outdoors. Early, it was cold, but not unpleasant outside. It is a long weekend - public holiday Thursday and Monday - so a whole 5 days I have all to myself ... although my work is so random that I don't need public holidays. Yesterday was very quiet, but also rainy, so I had to do my walking indoors.

We still have at least 1 to 3 power failures daily. On Monday they said we already had 2600 power failures up to that day for 2023! That is quite a few .... Even if you don't get each and every power failure it still messes up everything in the country. I can't imagine if a person have kids, pets, work, drive to work back and forth, pick up and drop off kids or family, make dinner, have meetings in person to attend to, have to be at specific places at a specific time (driving in my city is already a nightmare when traffic lights work, roadworks, accidents, and simply just the amount of cars on the roads!), do washing and cleaning when you only have very specific times you are home ... Then I still have it easy since I have zero routine anymore at home. I can pretty much do my washing at 3am without disturbing anyone. These power failures drain our soul!

Gosh, I am nearly finished with Bootcamp. One day to go. These 2 months went by super fast! I must still decide what program(s) to do next, and continue 60 Days of Walking in May. I might do Power HIIT next.


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Day 29: Saturday, 29 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 29/30
Bootcamp - Day 60/60
60 Days of Walking - Day 28/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 29/30

:move:At last I finished a longer program! (Didn't think I would!)

I actually enjoyed Bootcamp a lot - so much, that I will redo this program in the future!

Well, my other exercises I did early too. I walked outside, since the weather is much nicer today. I had plenty of uphill and downhill roads I took during my 90 minute walk. I actually walked for 2 hours. I took a longer path to avoid the road works in my area, and walked between residential areas. It was a quiet morning outside.

There is an upcoming power failure in a few minutes from now ... I might actually do more Yoga or other exercises to pass the time!


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Thank you @Sage @HellYeah @Tileenah @Fremen @Mianevem @TheLibrarian :heart:

Day 30: Sunday, 30 April 2023
Unbound (repeat) - Day 30/30
Power HIIT - not started yet
60 Days of Walking - Day 29/60
Yoga (repeat) - Day 30/30

I finished Unbound and 30 Days of Yoga (again). I enjoyed them both, again. :love:
I did my walking (60 minutes) indoors today, on a machine. And I added some random Darebee workouts:
Staying In
Stronger Legs - level III
Spring Chicken - Level III

I decided not to start Power HIIT on the last day of the month .... I just think I will start everything on the 1st of the month on Day 1 - just easier that way.

Today, I felt a little dissociated the whole day. I did have a difficulty to sleep last night. I guess a little PTSD of some sort "hearing an intruder outside" constantly. I am extremely paranoid with crime again, mainly rethinking about the incidents of last year June/July. I am not a scared person when it comes to "danger". I think it is more being vunerable while I am in bed. Asleep... and suddenly the thought of someone breaking down my bedroom window or any door/window/burglar bar in the house. I have seen a few months ago how easily repair men took down a burglar bar without much noise! This paranoia, intense fear and stress, is really affecting me during the day time now too. It feels like my chest or heart is sore from worrying! I would just suddenly get teary ... And I can't escape my thoughts of dread. I know this will pass. I know I have to mentally get myself out of this state. No one will be able to help me, except myself. And it is difficult not to worry. It is something I have to fix within myself, and I don't know how to "relax". How to stop worrying. Exercise does help temporarily - but at the moment, the closer it gets to June/July the worse I feel, the easier I get triggered by loud sounds, or unknown sounds.

At least I was able to smile today too. It wasn't all bad. I am still fine despite my dark thoughts.


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Congrats on unbound and 30 days of yoga! :worried:
Maybe it's not an option for you financially but psychotherapy has good results on PTSD. It's one of the most common mental health affliction. You don't have to fight it alone. You can get effective help.
Lots of empathy and love for what you're going through...:love::vibes:


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Thank you @Tileenah @Mianevem @Fremen
I did better today. I cried my eyes out for like 1 hour, then started my exercise. And I was okay for the rest of the day. No issues. There is millions of houses in my city ... I convince myself that the odds of them coming here, and actually entering the house is very slim.

Day 31: Monday, 1 May 2023
1 Minute Meditation Challenge - Day 1/30
60 Days of Walking - Day 30/60
Power HIIT - Day 1/30 - 1.5kg dumbbells + 0,5kg wrist weights
Power Punch Challenge - Day 1/30
Better Legs Challenge - Day 1/30
Tricep Dips Challenge - Day 1/30
Lower Abs Challenge - Day 1/30

I started with 1 minute Meditation, then did 60 Days of Walking (45 minutes walking + some arm exercises). Power HIIT was intense and quick. I didn't quite know what weight to use, so I went with the lowest - which is 1,5kg dumbbells. I thought that was maybe too little ... and added 0,5kg wrist weights. It seemed fine. I am still not sure. Heavier might be overkill!!! I randomly picked other challenges. Easy ones. I missed Unbound and the Yoga programs - but I felt, if I keep doing them over and over, I might get bored of them, so I will redo it maybe in July again. Try some monthly challenges for a change.


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Day 2: Tuesday, 2 May 2023

Consecutive days of exercise:
63 Days

60 Days of Walking - Day 31/60 - Pt. II on Level III
Power HIIT - Day 2/30 - 1.5kg dumbbells + 0,5kg wrist weights

1 Minute Meditation - Day 2/30
De-Stress - Day 1 & 2/30
Core Control - Day 1 & 2/30
Better Legs - Day 2/30

Box Exercises (5 minutes)

I changed my challenges a little.

So there was:
45 minutes of walking, and some squats and march steps
1 minute meditation
100 Punches x2
Torso Twists, and Side Leg Raises
more Side Leg Raises
And Deadlifts, Upright Rows, Deadlifts and Lateral Raises
Bulgarian Split Squat, Decline & Incline Push-ups
(I think I got it all!)

I feel happier with my routine now. Maybe the box exercises was a bit excessive. Today I did dread the walking, but I did it outdoors a little later, and it was fine.
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Day 3: Wednesday, 3 May 2023

Consecutive days of exercise:
64 Days

60 Days of Walking - Day 32/60
Power HIIT - Day 3/30

1 Minute Meditation - Day 3/30
De-Stress - Day 3/30
Core Control - Day 3/30
Better Legs - Day 3/30

I didn't have any issues today. Did my meditation after I woke up. And some additional stretches. Then did my walking early, outdoors. And my other exercises I did after noon today. I was tempted to add Core Strength program today, but I feel if I do too much at once I might just quit. So I decided not to tempt my fate ... and just stick to the above.

Then again there is an upcoming power failure in a few minutes .... What to do to pass the time within these 2 hours (or a little longer)!?

maybe.... Core Strength Day 1 .... Day 2 .... Ummmm.....

I will see what I will do. I have 15 minutes to still decide! To do, or not to do.


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Soooo tell us! Did you or did you not? The suspens is killing me!!! :LOL:

@Tileenah I did it!!! Day 1 and 2!!!

I nearly didn't do it, but it got dark so early. And I had absolutely nothing else to do!

I can't decide if I should keep going with this program. I do like core exercises. If I didn't do 60 Days of Walking I would have instantly picked Core Strength without giving it a second thought.

A little voice inside my head is telling me: "You still want to do Military Fit+ by the end of the year..... so I have to be prepared to work a little harder."


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Day 4: Thursday, 4 May 2023

Consecutive days of exercise:
65 Days

60 Days of Walking - Day 33/60
Power HIIT - Day 4/30
Core Strength - Day 3 & 4/30

1 Minute Meditation - Day 4/30
De-Stress - Day 4/30
Core Control - Day 4/30
Better Legs - Day 4/30

Yeah, so Core Strength happened ... The reality strike my today. Especially when I tried to eat after the core exercises, and lost my appetite. (Is it normal to lose interest in food after core or abs exercises?!?)

I sort of miss having a dog when I do 60 Days of Walking. It would have been nicer to have a "companion" on walks. I did this indoors on a machine today. But then, I went for an additional walk during the second power failure, since it was really pleasant outside today.

I enjoy Power HIIT. I like the lighter dumbbells. And I enjoyed the rest of the challenges too. The exercises didn't feel like a lot today. I did my challenges together, but my programs at different times.

I feel a little tired tonight.


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Day 5: Friday, 5 May 2023

Consecutive days of exercise:
66 Days

60 Days of Walking - Day 34/60
Power HIIT - Day 5/30 Level III
Core Strength - Day 5/30 Level III

1 Minute Meditation - Day 5/30
De-Stress - Day 5/30
Core Control - Day 5/30
Better Legs - Day 5/30

I didn't feel like walking this morning, so I did all my other exercises early, and only did my walking after 16 PM (during a power failure). Core Strength was the hardest - raised leg raises, and raised leg holds got to me a little. I was struggling a bit.

Well, there isn't much else that happened today. The day was very uneventful.


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Day 6: Saturday, 6 May 2023

Consecutive days of exercise:
67 Days

60 Days of Walking - Day 35/60
Power HIIT - Day 6/30 Level III
Core Strength - Day 6/30 Level III

1 Minute Meditation - Day 6/30
De-Stress - Day 6/30
Core Control - Day 6/30
Better Legs - Day 6/30

Day 7: Sunday, 7 May 2023

Consecutive days of exercise:
68 Days

60 Days of Walking - Day 36/60
Power HIIT - Day 7/30 Level I
Core Strength - Day 7/30 Level I

1 Minute Meditation - Day 7/30
De-Stress - Day 7/30
Core Control - Day 7/30
Better Legs - Day 7/30

Saturday had no issues. Longer walk, but straight forward.

Today, I struggled a bit with all 3 my programs. I had some belly ache (not related to the exercise) and like a 1-day cold or stomach bug thing. I was still okay when I finished my Challenges. Then I did my hour of walking ... on a machine, indoors, and I noticed my lower back was really sore. And I did Power HIIT ... it went okay, but I decided to do only 3 sets (level I), and the same for Core Strength which I did last. It went very slow. I had bad belly ache, and also did 3 sets (level I) and I was done. I was relieved that I was finished. I wasn't sure what was wrong. I assumed it was hormonal. But then after noon I had some stuffed butternut ... and I just was very sick for maybe 4 hours (cramping and pooping and I didn't know if I should lay or stand or crawl or how to make the pain stop). As sudden as this started, it stopped. And the past few hours I have been fine. No aches, no pains.

A hot shower, my pj's, early in bed, watching series. I am 100%.

By the way ... the squirrel passed my yesterday in the front garden. Went up to a higher tree branch, I went and got some almonds, and she didn't even come down. She just stayed there, watching me. I am sure we only have this one squirrel here. Silly little thing. I can see why you can't tame a squirrel. They really have a mind of their own!


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@Tileenah Those "death" cramps was something on a next level! So glad it is over!!! It is better than having this for 3 days.

Day 8: Monday, 8 May 2023

Consecutive days of exercise:
69 Days

60 Days of Walking - Day 37/60
Power HIIT - Day 8/30 Level I
Core Strength - Day 8/30 Level I

1 Minute Meditation - Day 8/30
De-Stress - Day 8/30
Core Control - Day 8/30
Better Legs - Day 8/30

I did my meditation and punches (de-stress) challenges when I woke up. Then I did my walking (in my pj's) on a machine, then I went to core control, better legs, rested a little, and did Power HIIT and Core Strength (No issues with the programs today, I felt normal) ... I was tempted to go Goblin Mode for the rest of the day. But when the electricity came back on, I decided to do my major washing - since I don't know the rest of the week what the electricity shall bring. They warn of a possible stage 7 outage this week (we have never gone beyond stage 6), and they also keep saying there might be a possible collapse of the whole power grid on the horizon .... so I had to do my washing at least. Then I decided to also do some work. Everything was done by 16 PM, when we had another power failure.

So since my stomach issue, I didn't eat again since this afternoon. I did have water, and also a cup of coffee at lunchtime. I couldn't go without coffee anymore!!!
And I felt fine. Coffee usually do make me a little sick when my stomach is sensitive. But no cramps. Nothing. And then I had vegetable soup for dinner (butternut, carrot, bell pepper, zucchini and tomato) - leftovers from yesterday, so not a fancy soup. No issues. I didn't have to run to the bathroom today. Seems I was scared about nothing.

Life is back to normal.