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Current Goals:
:x: 20 push-ups in a row

:x: 2min dead hang

:x: Shadebound program

Past achievements:
  • Pistol Squats
  • Chin-up
  • 2min plank

Here is the thread for me to share what my current training plans and goals are. I won't update daily (or weekly most likely) as I just really don't get along with registering stuff on the daily.
I do get along with exercising on the daily, which is something I've been missing for the past 2 months. Also I like "unlocking" harder movements and doing some personal challenges so I'll be using this thread to log them.
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Valkyrie from Lisboa
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Ok so to keep it separate from the first post, here is my current training plan:

I will be doing the Guardian Challenge, the Arms of Steel program and some strength/HIIT workouts a couple of times a week. The reasoning for the choice is that I need something simple to do daily, but still something that makes me feel acomplished. The Guardian challenge has a cool name and fits that criteria (also the punching goblins bit made me laugh):haha:
I wanted to also do a program, arms of steel is an add-on focused on upper body so I think they can complement each other well. The other workouts are for me to develop overall fitness when I have extra time (or extra stress to get rid off). I do want to change up the challenge I'm doing monthly (+/-) to keep myself entertained, so I'll be "speeding" through the Guardian challenge so that I can finish around the begining of next month.

So taking that into account the daily objectives are:
  1. 2x days of the Guardian challenge (together with the extra mission)
  2. 1x day of the Arms of Steel program
Then 2x per week do a strength focused workout (today I did Outrider, I really liked it, for now I had to swap the push-ups for knee push ups, I'm interested in improving my push strength so I don't have to)
And 1x per week do a HIIT or cardio focused workout (cardio is my nemesis but I'm too stuborn to give up on it) :smash:

As a final note, I'm doing everything at Lvl1 as that seems to be my fitness level.


Valkyrie from Lisboa
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Ok (past) time for a mini update!
I have completed the guardian challenge, and achieved 15 days streak of exercise!
(I'm actually at 19 atm, so that was a bit ago):imp:

I actually did several days in a row of the guardian challenge while watching Physical 100 ^^' It's a show that just makes you wanna do some exercise RIGHT NOW! And I can do march steps or calf raises while looking at the TV :angel:
I'm currently at day 19 of the arms of steel program, I was suposed to pick up another challenge to do daily as well, but I've just been too tired to even choose something....
Luckily exam season ends tomorrow! (Still have to present some final projects, but that's easy) SO I think I'll be starting the shadebound program tomorrow.


Valkyrie from Lisboa
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30 days of exercise in a row achieved!!
Also finished the Arms of Steel program :D
I've updated the first post to show what my new current goals are:
My muscles get fatigued way to easily, so I want to increase the time I can dead hang (also so that I don't have to speedrun every bouldering course I try) and I wanna be able to do 20 push-ups in a row.
I'll be doing the new shadebound program, and adding extra exercises (pushups and hanging) whenever I feel like it. It's not a carefully crafted plan, but I wanna do something while I don't have the patience to sit down and properly plan.


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