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Elbow pains are basically tendinitis. It means the load is to heavy on your tendons while doing push-ups. The idea is to reduce the load just enough so that you don't hurt and then increase it very progressively so your body can take it. You can do that by either diminishing the load of the push-ups (knees instead of toes, wall instead of knees) for the same number of reps, or diminishing the number of reps to a point you don't hurt and then increase progressively the number each week so that the pain doesn't come back.
You could also do strengthening with weights for your wrists (flexions, extensions, inclinations and rotations) and fingers.
It will take time but you'll get there ;)
Good luck!


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Hey Tileenah :)

When I was training a lot in 2022 I reached around 45 push-ups in a row and I felt that somehow I became more prone to elbow tendinitis after that. Maybe I kinda rushed it and got hurt in the process.

So alright, I'll try to build up in a more progressive way. For the moment I do half push-ups even for low number of reps just to slowly get used to it again and spare my tendons.

Thanks a lot for the advice