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1. We all start with two snowballs :snowball::snowball: each.

2. Tag someone using the @ and their name and throw a snowball or two at them!

3. Each snowball can be dodged by doing one jumping jack.

4. Each snowball you dodge gives you two snowballs in return.

5. You have 24 hours to dodge a snowball thrown at you.

6. The entire fight takes place on this thread.

7. Don't know who to tag? See who is online at the bottom of the forum!

8. Try to bring in as many people as you can to the snowfight.

It's ok not to respond to a tag. If you don't want to participate, just ignore the notification. Alternatively, you can go into the invisible mode - you can do it in your settings. Ready?... FIGHT!

P.S. Don't forget to claim the SNOWFIGHT participation badge ball2023.png in your profile.

Event Starts: December 17
Event Ends: December 20
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8 :snowball: dodged!

@legolo reading through earlier comments, I hadn't realized your were trying to keep them away from circulation. Keep on working on your restreint. Try again with two more from me!! :snowball: :snowball::chuckle:

@Damer here are two more to help you with your neighbor situation!! :snowball::snowball:
You may thank me later!!!

@Syrius here are:snowball::snowball: sent back at you! I'm rooting for you to be brave and dodge them in the hallway!! :pompom:

And :snowball::snowball:each to
@bloody dunmeri (you'll need more once you've sent those 150 snowballs)

And and back in defense mode!!

bloody dunmeri

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