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For me it depends on the mental state, different issues have different solutions. If I am caught in a negative thought spiral or feeling very restless, a walk with a podcast or music helps.
Anger and frustration are soothed by going hard on a workout, letting the emotional energy fuel me (often leads to DOMS but satisfying).
For sadness/depressive waves I just choose one thing to start with, because I know not doing any exercise will make me feel worse, and the satisfaction of completion + force of habit often leads me to do a few more things, sometimes even all my planned exercise.

In short, I think with mental health issues the best thing is to be flexible and self-compassionate. Make your goals small and tailored to your mood so you actually have a chance to win, and don't beat yourself up over the things you would have done if you were mentally well that day. Sometimes your brain just has the flu. Show yourself the kindness you would show a friend. :hug:


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January 5
60 HIIT 5 / lvl III​
arena / lvl III + ec​

January 6
60 HIIT 6 / lvl III​
junior / lvl III + ec​
5 minute yoga​

January 7

January 8
nighttime yoga flow for sleep​

January 9
nighttime yoga flow for sleep​

January 10
nighttime yoga flow for sleep​

January 11
part one
60 HIIT 7 / lvl III​
5 minute yoga​
part two
60 HIIT 8 / lvl III​
60 HIIT 9 / lvl III​
60 HIIT 10 / lvl III​
60 HIIT 11 / lvl III​
Thank you guys for replying to my question-- it sure helps hearing from you.
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