Haunted Hive 2023

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This event is now over!

Defend The Hive!

The invaders are ruthless, numerous and well-organized and will come in three successive waves.
We need to fend them off or our home will be overrun!
You need to stay focused, remain cohesive and be decisive. The enemy is unrelenting and the stakes are high but we are not easily cowed.

This is a three-day event and the task is simple. Every 24 hours a new wave of monsters will arrive
and a new challenge will be presented for us to rise up to.
Fight off all monsters until October 25th 12:00 EEST. The event will last 3 days / 72hrs in total.

  • Each monster requires a specific exercise to defeat it and a specific number of reps of that exercise.
  • Post your reps in the thread below and work together with others to keep track of the total so the monsters are defeated.
  • The reps you do will be added up and an updated number of remaining monster numbers to defeat will be posted in the thread below.
  • Reps from DAREBEE workouts and challenges are accepted.
  • If all the monsters and the wave boss have been defeated before 24hrs are up, rest and regroup and wait for the next wave!

Wave #1

Wave #2

Wave #3

Note: This is an annual planned event. This means The Haunted Hive will return next year and the year after that.
So, as a Hive Defender, you can claim a unique badge in your user profile.
The badge can only be claimed by participating in the event while it is active.

Current Rep Count - Google Docs (view only)
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Adding up just the overhead punches, since the boss appeared... Way more than 6000 punches from the bees!
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