Kanary that ate the cat


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@Kanary I hope you know how much you mean to me and everyone. You inspired me so many times when I was in darkness and when things were amazing. I feel totally devastated.

You are a cornerstone of this community and I will never forget your kindness and encouragement. You helped me save and value my life by example and through your friendship. Thank you. 💜


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Five years ago, my brother was battling cancer too, one that came to him very suddenly in his mid-to-late thirties. There was a point in which the last thing we learned from him is that he admitted himself to a hospital, and then there was radio silence for a while. Then, all of the sudden, as my mom was getting ready to travel outside the country to give him another visit, I was browsing Facebook to find out that someone commented on one of his pictures where I was tagged in. It was one of his friends, asking if we (the family) know that my brother died, and they were trying to contact us. I jumped from the chair, gasping from air when such a thing happened. I don't know how I could tell my mom what I just read, but I did, and we had to hug it out.

The reason I'm brnging this up it's because learning about your passing brought me back to that moment of tears and pain. And after seeing that you went radio silence for a while, I figured it out that cancer had the upper hand on you for a while. But it's you, Kanary, the one I'm talking about, so maybe... maybe you could win this fight again, right? You are such a perseverant soul, someone so fierce who never gave up. It's pretty safe ot say that you are an inspiration to all of us, the ninja that always fought to the end... And you fought well. Even in your last moments, I can see you, battling against death, and even if death managed to defeat you, you gave them a good fight. And your final breath was, instead, a spit on his face.

That's the kind of woman you are. Brave, badass... It's the girl I've always wanted to be. And your attitude is the attitude that we all strive for.

Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for your presence. It has been a real boon to have talked to you. And I hope that, one day, we meet for real on the other side, and start that D&D campaign we need to play. And, since you are already there, look for the fire juggler, and enjoy his show. Tell him I sent you.

Requiescat in Pace, Kanary. I did another stroke of an ideogram today at Qi Gong practice just for you. It wasn't a coincidence that it was Tao.


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Deeply saddened by this. My heart goes out to her and her family and loved ones. Prayers 🙏


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This is not Kanary
I am her best friend; I'm sorry to report that she passed away on April 1 after her cancer came raging back.
This community helped keep her going through her long battle. She loved you very much.

Do another set in her memory.
I haven't been on Darebee for a long, long time. I remember her: my deepest condolences.