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1. We all start with two snowballs :snowball::snowball: each.

2. Tag someone using the @ and their name and throw a snowball or two at them!

3. Each snowball can be dodged by doing one jumping jack.

4. Each snowball you dodge gives you two snowballs in return.

5. You have 24 hours to dodge a snowball thrown at you.

6. The entire fight takes place on this thread.

7. Don't know who to tag? See who is online at the bottom of the forum!

8. Try to bring in as many people as you can to the snowfight.

It's ok not to respond to a tag. If you don't want to participate, just ignore the notification. Alternatively, you can go into the invisible mode - you can do it in your settings. Ready?... FIGHT!

P.S. Don't forget to claim the SNOWFIGHT participation badge ball2023.png in your profile.

Event Starts: December 17
Event Ends: December 20
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@harley's training it's been brilliant you joined us and I hope you realize just what bad lot we have here when they wait for the very last day to launch
avalanche dat GIF
knowing full well I will wake up in the morning
Build Up Snow GIF by Barbara Pozzi

You beasts! That was an extra 214 snowballz I had to dodge!

Sooooo, now. My leest iz long.

@VacTom 15 X :snowball: my friend!

@roman sneaky hiding another five at the end of that list hoping I would not notice.
Fire Plotting GIF by Studio Redfrog

10 X :snowball: mon amie!

@AquaMarie 34! Really?
Oh My God Wow GIF

And 20 X :snowball: back at you!

@OJJJEM dodged your 50!
Scared Horror GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants
Good thing this is ending today!

So, now I guess, I shall be kind (and I have lots to target besides) so just 30 X :snowball: at you!

@likalo 20 X :snowball: for thee!

@Mamatigerj 10 x :snowball: for you!

@Haleth 25 X :snowball: for you. (dodged yours with ease!)

@Oboy_Nole dodged yours mon amie and now, 20 X :snowball: coming your way.

I have no way how I am going to start tomorrow without
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Боже мой, я здесь с куском бумаги, пытаюсь посчитать снежный ком вместо того, чтобы работать, КОГДА ЭТО ЗАКОНЧИТСЯ????

76 снежков, от которых нужно увернуться... ок, ок. позже я выберу одну жертву, чтобы бросить в нее все 152 шара мести:любовь:

также извините, если я не отреагировал на некоторые сообщения здесь, в которых упоминается обо мне, я просто потерялся на этом этапе:D
Me too :LOL:
I'm confused in the calculations :panic:
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Dodged 210!!! :yas:

10 MadamMeow (+20),
10 + 5 Topnotch (+20+10),
52 Juan Hardinero (+104),
10 Yaga (+20),
10 Nevetarin (+20),
10 Leeloo (+20),
10 + 7 + 10 Mamatigerj (+20+14+20),
5 Bloom (+10),
5 Yelotsin (+10),
20 likalo (+40),
5 weeks (+10),
6 Harley training sessions (+12),
10 Matan (+20),
1 + 5 Fremen (+1+10),
2 OJJEM (+4),
12 Nikifor (+24),
10 Roman (+20).

Total: 420
Глубокий снег гифка

Now... Fight!

Замораживание Симпсоны GIF

20 x :snowball: @MadamMeow
20 x :snowball: @TopNotch
20 x :snowball: @Juan Jardinero
20 x :snowball: @Jaga
20 x :snowball: @Nevetharine
20 x :snowball: @Leeloo
20 x :snowball: @Mamatigerj
20 x :snowball: @Flourish
20 x :snowball: @Elocin
20 x :snowball: @likalo
20 x :snowball: @eeek
20 x :snowball: @broli
20 x :snowball: @Matan
20 x :snowball: @bloody dunmeri
20 x :snowball: @Maegaranthelas
20 x :snowball: @Polkadotsandsuperglue
20 x :snowball: @Oboy_Nole
20 x :snowball: @Nevetharine
20 x :snowball: @AquaMarie
20 x :snowball: @Veridigo
20 x :snowball: @Klara
20 x :snowball: @decayingblaze
20 x :snowball: @VacTom
20 x :snowball: @dancer
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Ok, that's not nice! I see how you're playing! I don't come for several hours, and now everyone is making an igloo to trap me inside! Not today, people! I am dodging all of your 224 snowballs and...

I don't know. What can I do with all these ammo?

Oh, I know

:snowball: x 48 @Damer because even in my sleep I am still training to fight!

:snowball: x 20 @Lilu @dancer @TopNotch @Nevetharine @decayingblaze @Matan @DahMagicMan @likalo @broli @Juan Jardinero @eeek @Syrius @roman @harley's training @Trella-Anette @NancyTree @SlothEnergy @Leeloo @neilarey @Nicifor


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I just got back from running my hill day and I find out that I have 172 snowballs that my aching calves have to deal with:blink:! (I know some people have gotten a lot more.) Good news is that I'll have plenty of munitions to spread the love with.:onfire::snowball:
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Woah! 217 :snowball: dodged just now!!! Which gives me 434 + 46 = 480 to send!!:muahaha:

So I am not sure exactly who is still in the game. If you're out and I send some you're way, you may ignore it.

I think @Veridigo you said you'd dodge till midnight, so 50x :snowball: sent your way!

And if you're still in the game folks, have these 25:snowball: each
@Juan Jardinero
@harley's training
@jennworks40 welcome to the fight, here are a few :snowball: to get you into the spirit as the event comes to its end!!

And @Damer and @neilarey 50 :snowball: each to thank you for this wonderful tradition!!!

I'm let with 5 :snowball:

I plan on dodging what is sent my way in the next 4 hours, but I won't send anymore unless you ask for more! :ragdoll:


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I dodged 100 of the 136 since this morning. So that would give me 200 plus my bank of 32 is 232. Less the 36 I was not able to avoid, just cause that's what I feel like doing I'll call my arsenal 196.

For my last throw (less than 5 hours until tomorrow here)...

:snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball:
x10 to some people I don't think I hit. Sorry if any of you are over already, I tried to note such as I went along.

@harley's training
@bloody dunmeri

@Laura Rainbow Dragon
@jennworks40 (welcome!)


You know, I'll take my other 46 and make a Frosty the Snowcat like Trella did. :wand:
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