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1. We all start with two snowballs :snowball::snowball: each.

2. Tag someone using the @ and their name and throw a snowball or two at them!

3. Each snowball can be dodged by doing one jumping jack.

4. Each snowball you dodge gives you two snowballs in return.

5. You have 24 hours to dodge a snowball thrown at you.

6. The entire fight takes place on this thread.

7. Don't know who to tag? See who is online at the bottom of the forum!

8. Try to bring in as many people as you can to the snowfight.

It's ok not to respond to a tag. If you don't want to participate, just ignore the notification. Alternatively, you can go into the invisible mode - you can do it in your settings. Ready?... FIGHT!

P.S. Don't forget to claim the SNOWFIGHT participation badge ball2023.png in your profile.

Event Starts: December 17
Event Ends: December 20
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I wonder who holds the record of dodged snowballs.
Guess Question Mark GIF by Coins And Connections

Break from sitting and find myself with 240 to throw.
Honestly with over 500 I think I´m pretty far up the ladder :D

And another 59 dodged...

I´m honestly adding them up to give an actual number, stay tuned :D

Total tally up to now: 469.

But yes, I´d be interest in the top 10 or top 5 as well. Those numbers would be really interesting.
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+16, bringing me up to 72 dodged so far. So I now have 32... Apologies if I missed your snowball, I'm not getting every tag update! D:

@Sólveig 1703036165038.pngx7

@Damer 1703036175173.pngx7


EDIT, OKAY, I THINK I GOT EM ALL? + 38. Up to 110. If I miscounted or missed yours, I'm sorry! I'll do some extras. Call it practice. Or if you wanna really make sure I do 'em, comment on my thread if I missed yours lol

@DahMagicMan 1703036639959.png x10
@Maegaranthelas 1703036652565.pngx10
@legolo 1703036682451.pngx10
@VacTom 1703036696227.pngx8
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And I just dodged another 128 :snowball: !! You guys were on fire today!!
So adding 256:snowball: to my 180:snowball: left in the freezer and I have a total of 436:snowball:heading your way Bees!!

So lets start with 25x :snowball: each to
@legolo to help you stay in the top 5
@likalo right back at you!!!
then 15x :snowball: each to

and another 10x :snowball:each to
@Damer ahah, yeah I feel the love this season!! so many snowballs to dodge!
@harley's training
@Juan Jardinero

and some 5x:snowball: to
@bloody dunmeri
@Laura Rainbow Dragon

and the last :snowball: to @dancer

I think I did my math correctly. :wait:It's just that the target list is getting longer and longer.... That spreadsheet sounds like such a good idea. Even though it's not my first snowfight, I somehow forget everytime how crazy it becomes after a such a short time!! :facepalm:

I'm now headed to dreamland! See you tomorrow! :night:

Laura Rainbow Dragon

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Keep at it, @legolo !

My records show I dodged 1038 back in 2017 when the exercise was burpees.
I dodged 1251 in 2019 - but I think we'd switched the exercise to squats that year.
And that was probably back in the day when you could only throw 10 to any one person in a 24-hour period!


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Wow. 109 Dodged. But a tip for new players, don't do it after consuming a spicy Vindaloo!! I don't feel so good now! Anyway, I'm good enough to return fire!

:snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: :snowball: (15) @TopNotch
:snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball: (10) @roman
:snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball: (6) @Fremen
:snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball: (5) @SlothEnergy
:snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball: (5) @Syrius
:snowball: @MadamMeow , welcome to the game!
:snowball::snowball::snowball: (3) @heeropotter
:snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball: (10) @likalo
:snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball: (6) @Jaga
:snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball: (10) @Sólveig
:snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball: (10) @Matan
:snowball::snowball: for @harley's training
:snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball: (5) @Elocin
:snowball::snowball: @Haleth , Welcome!
:snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball: @DahMagicMan
:snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball::snowball: (5) to @Leeloo .

I think that's it for now. My spreadsheet is smoking so I'll give it a break. Have a great night everyone.


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