Haunted Hive 2022

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This event is now finished.

It’s that time of the year when you really need to put all thoughts of productive work and social obligations to one side and rally round to defend the Hive this Halloween! The invaders are ruthless, numerous and well-organized and will come in three successive waves. We need to fend them off or our home will be overrun!

This is a three-day event and the task is simple. Every 24 hours a new wave of monsters will arrive and a new challenge will be presented for us to rise up to. Fight off all monsters until the end of Halloween - October 31st.

  • Each monster requires a specific exercise to defeat it and a specific number of reps of that exercise.
  • Post your reps in the thread below and work together with others to keep track of the total so the monsters are defeated.
  • The reps you do will be added up and an updated number of remaining monster numbers to defeat will be posted in the thread below.
  • Reps from DAREBEE workouts are challenges are accepted.

Wave #1 BATS!

Wave #2 SPIDERS!


Wave #3 GHOSTS

This event is now finished.

From this year onwards, this will be an annual planned event. This means The Haunted Hive will return next year and the year after that. So, as a Hive Defender, you can claim a unique badge in your user profile. The badge can only be claimed by participating in the event when it is active.

Current Rep Count - Google Docs (view only)

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@Damer has been correct! The Crystal Ball of True Seeing has spoken! Not only is this really a Big Bad Bat Boss here (and getting its bat butt kicked) but tomorrow a fresh wave of evil critters is arriving, ready to test our defenses. Not quite clearly seeing what just yet but just so you guys are ready, it'll be here at 10.00am BST (British Summer Time) which is 2.00am PST and 5.00am EST which means you guys will have to hit the ground running the moment you wake up! Dem critters will likely take no prisoners and we shall need all the help we can get!


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Looks like this will be one for the history books fellow Bees. First the Big Bat Boss came at us like:

Animation Halloween GIF

Thinking we'd run away all scared but we are all like:

super saiyan GIF

and it looks like we will prevail. IN the meantime who knows what new menace is lurking just beyond our Crystal Ball's seeing horizon?


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Did 7 sets of the Brawler workout, then pushed for 60 more punches to get 3,000! I like doing punches, makes me feel fierce, despite still being overweight. Figured I will put in as much as I can today, since other days may include things like burpees that are hard for me. :)


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Does anyone know the workout with the biggest amount of punches? }:
There's one with 3 minutes of punches x3 sets with 30 seconds rest in between. Think it's "pack a punch". "The brawler" and "knock out" and "proboxer" are good too.

"Superhero upper body" includes 12 minutes of punches, elbows and backfists, so that would be pretty awesome. "The final bell" looks like it would amount to about 980 punches at level 3.
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